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Hey I forgot all about this Tumblr blog thing:

i got fired about two weeks ago, maybe three, who knows I have lost track already because I could not be happier and have lots of time to do things  like cruse and learn more about Tumblr, Tinder and Twitter and see what the difference is. There is a new thing called KIK too, which is for texting and I don’t understand that either. I accidentally joined Tinder with a picture of me and my five year old daughter. Creepy right. I did it by accident. I am not sure how so don’t ask. I took it down because it got weird and my husband was pissed. So i joined KIK, at his suggestion and now i have all these shirtless men looking about 23 wanting to text me? Is that what they want? To text me?

What is the difference between KIK and Tinder and why are we all now window shopping people like we do cool sneakers. Do you date on KIK? There are a lot of people posting picture of themselves with no shirts, or of their asses, or cleavage, and it is really amusing and somewhat sad. Do you think without your shirt you look more interesting? Its nice to use your imagination for things, you know Mr simpleton. I think as humans we are forgetting this. I like looking at a hot man and saying i’d like to rip his shirt off, I can’t say this if your shirt is already off. Also if you have a pinhead and a ripped chest you should leave your shirt on. You look stupid.

I also have lots of time to write now, which I am always doing being a comedian but now i have time to really waste so I’ll write more and not worry so much if its a one liner or if it fits into my set in anyway. I’ll just write and I won’t care and I’ll speak my mind, as it is usually spinning. Tonight us Momics are performing at Rebecca Ecklers book launch Mommy MOB which is all about scary Mom bloggers who are holier than thou and suck at life in general. They think having kids is the BE ALL and end all and they have forgotten that they themselves exist and hate on any mother who actually can have a life and have kids. I hate these types of MOMs and I love Rebecca so tonight will be fun as we destroy their shitty little souls and kick those moms loser asses all over the room.

I love my kids!! I will teach them well. See above.

Have a good day. I am going to do this again tomorrow.


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